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1U Rackmount computer

Amplicon's range of 1U rackmount computers are ideal for applications where rack space is at a premium, allowing for high density installations within a single cabinet.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra compact 1U size allows for high density installations of systems within a single rack
  • Industry leading 3 year warranty
  • Robust industrial grade components designed for 24/7 operation

Popular uses for the Amplicon 1U range can be found in military COTS, data communications, automation, broadcast, transportation and internet service provider applications.

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1Impact-R 1000
1U rackmount industrial motherboard based computer. Core-i processor power. Short-depth
1Impact-R 1210F
Ultra short depth 1U rackmount industrial motherboard based computer. Elkhart lake ATOM processor. Fanless.
1Ventrix 1000
1U rackmount SBC based industrial computer
1Impact-R 1110F
1U Rackmount PC powered by Apollo Lake