Amplicon USA Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal generators, Digital Multimeters / DMMs, Benchtop Power supplies, GPIB interfaces, Power quality tools

Plug In Cards

1Amplicon PCIe296 Digital IO
96 channel digital I/O wih 6 counter/timers
1Amplicon PCI230+ Analog input
16-CH, 16-Bit, 500kS/s Multifunction Analog Input
1Amplicon PCIe236 Digital IO
24-CH, Programmable Digital I/O with 6 Counter/Timers
1Amplicon PCIe215 Digital IO
48 channel digital I/O with 6 counter/timers
48 kanaals digitale I/O met 6 counter/timers 
1Amplicon PCI272 Digital IO
72-CH Digital I/O PCI card